Monday, July 5, 2010

Introduction to Freebies

Freebies or incentivized affiliate marketing came to be about 2003. This type of marketing was a great idea to give away the iPod. Since the first iPod giveaways the industry has grown tremendously. How can i really get this for free? Trust me this is the question everyone asks and i even asked myself when i found freebies in 2008. Freebies really is a easy process to learn, that's why you can look on YoutTube and see people from all over the world opening up free gifts they have received from various freebie networks. Freebies in general is a way for major companies to advertise and actually get people to try their products or services.You know large companies and corporations pay greatly for advertising well they pay for generated leads in our business. This business is basically a way of affiliate marketing. What might you ask is affiliate marketing? Well an affiliate is a company that works with the those major companies and a company who host these offers .In the freebie business we call a company that host these offers IFW sites. IFW: Incentivized Freebie Websites. Now how does free stuff get involved? For every offer completed these major companies will pay the affiliate company for that lead, the affiliate company pays the IFW's site owner for the offers completed hosted through their sites and the IFW's give away great free stuff like the iPhone4, iPad, iPod Touch, Macbook, Xbox360 Slim, PS3, PSP Go, Nintendo Wii, 3DS, Flip Video, HDTV's, laptops, netbooks and even Amazon Vouchers or iTunes cards. Most people don't even realize that this type of system exist that's why I'm trying to share freebies with the world! Now on to the offers, yes some of those are free and some are low cost because its a free trial and you only pay for shipping and handling. Just some of the major companies that have offers available are NetFlix, LifeLock,, GameFly, Magic Jack, LoveFilm, HSBC and Intuit just to name a few. Would you be willing to try some of these great offers in return be able to get free stuff from the IFW's yourself? I hope your answer to that question is YES! If not you are missing out on this great opportunity to get anything you want for free. There are many different IFW networks but I only provide the biggest and the best in the world. IFW sites can be setup in 2 ways. First is a 1 offer site. On a 1 offer site you only need to complete one of the sponsored product or services offers for your account to go green (meaning your offer credited to your account). Second is 1 credit sites. Credit based sites give each offer available a credit weight or percentage for that specific offer and in order for your account to go green you will need to complete 100% of the offer requirements. On some credit based sites there are offers that are 100% credit so you could only do 1 offer on that site but you more than likely need to complete 2-3 offers to add up to 100%. Now how to get started in freebies you can start right here! First you will want to pick your desired free item from. Next you will click that item and then sign up to the IFW site. Once you have signed up you will be taken to the offers page. Now you will need to complete your offer or offers. Once you have completed your offer or offers and they credit to your account you will be green. Once you are green you can now send people under your referral link to complete offers for you. Each gift will have a required number of referrals you need to send under your referral link in order to receive your that gift. Once you have enough green referrals for that prize you can place an order and get your gift shipped right to your door for free.

How to Complete Offers

It is important you follow the rules and terms of use of the IFW sites in order to receive free gifts.The following list of the rules you need to keep in mind:

1. You must be at least 16 years old
2. You MUST reside in the US or CAN for Transcendent Innovations sites,FreebieJeebies ships worldwide
3. You MUST have a valid home or cellular phone - NO VOIP OR INTERNET PHONES
4. You can NEVER do the same offer twice
5. Do not cancel an offer right after signing up.
6. You MUST use real contact information
7. You can NOT use a P.O Box for your shipping address.
8. Only 1 account allowed per household/I.P address.
9. AOL and other proxies are NOT allowed. You can find out if your internet service uses a proxy by clicking here.
10. Do not sign up or access any sites from a public place or even your workplace. If you access your site from a place that someone else accessed a site from, your accounts can be put on hold

It is also very important you set up your computer properly to ensure you receive credit for the offers you complete. The following is a must do not just a recommendation:

To ensure you receive credit, please follow the instructions below and remember you must complete step 3 before completing each offer:
1. Disable all pop-up blockers
Internet Explorer
1. On the top of the browser, click on "Tools" and then "Internet Options."
2. A new window should pop up. Click the "Privacy" tab and uncheck the "Block pop-ups box (if it is checked), and then click "OK."
Mozilla Firefox
1. On the top of the browser, click on "Tools" and then "Options."
2. A new window should pop up. Click the "Content" tab and uncheck the "Block pop-ups box (if it is checked), and then click "OK."

2. Accept all cookies
Internet Explorer
1. On the top of the browser, click on "Tools" and then "Internet Options."
2. A new window should pop up. Click the "Privacy Tab" and there should be a bar under "Settings." Lower the bar to "Accept all cookies."
Mozilla Firefox
1. On the top of the browser, click on "Tools" and then "Options."
2. A new window should pop up. Click the "Privacy" and then the "Cookies" mini-tab. Make sure the "Allow site to set cookies" box is checked and the two boxes below are unchecked. Also make sure the setting "Keep cookies" is set to "until they expire."

3. Clear your cookies and cache before completing EACH offer
To automatically clear your cookies and cache, download CCleaner from This software is free and with a click of a button, clears the cookies and cache off your internet browser cache. If you choose not to download CCleaner, you can manually clear your cookies and cache with the instructions below.

Internet Explorer
1. On the top of the browser, click on "Tools" and then "Internet Options."
2. A new window should pop up. Under the "General" tab, press "Delete Files". A new mini-window should pop up and you should check the "Delete all offline content" and then press "Ok."
3. Under the same "General" tab, press "Delete cookies" and then "Ok."
Mozilla Firefox
1. On the top of the browser, click on "Tools" and then "Options."
2. A new window should pop up. Click on the "Privacy" tab and then the "Cookies" minitab and press "Clear Cookies Now."
3. Then click on the "Cache" minitab (right next to the "Cookies" minitab) and press "Clear Cache Now."

4. Complete the offer until you reach the confirmation/completion page (unless stated otherwise in the requirements), and when you are on the confirmation/completion page, STAY on the confirmation/completion page for at least 10 minutes before closing the page.

5. Other Recommended Steps
(a). Internet Explorer and FireFox are the recommended browser to complete offers as they are more reliable in terms of tracking. Nevertheless, do not use any browser other than IE or Firefox.

(b). Turn off any firewalls, anti-virus, or spyware programs before completing an offer. There are instances in which these programs interfere with the tracking.

Freebies Glossary

IFW: Incentivized Freebie Websites is a site that host offers and give the prizes and PayPal cash to individuals like you and I for completing trial offers and referring others to do the same.

Affiliate: Is the company in the middle between the offer company and the IFW site you click on an offer it is redirected to the affiliate company who gives us credit for completing the offers and pay the IFW for each credited offer.

Prize: Is going to be the item a trader wants to receive when they send referrals to a freebie site which can be in the form of a PayPal payment to many things such as gaming console's, ipods, camera's, laptop's and many other items you can choose a custom prize and ask the freebie site for just about anything you can think of and they will tell you how many referrals you will need to send to that site to receive that custom item.

Offer: This is one of the sponsored products or services from many great companies.
ISP: Internet service provider is the company that provides you access to the internet.Called I.P. address.

Green: Means you that you have signed up on a freebie site and met the offer requirements by completing offer(s) and they have credited to your account.

Pending: Means you signed up to the freebie site and completed the offer but it requires a certain amount of time before it or they credit to your account. Once the pending goes through and credits to your account you will be green on the site.

Gone Red / On Hold: When a referral has gone red it means they have violated one or more of the IFWs terms of service and his or her account is placed on hold until the issue can be resolved.

Cookies: Parcels of text sent by a server to a web browser and then back unchanged by the browser each time it accesses the server ,this is the means of communication between the offer sites (affiliates) and the freebie sites they need to be transferred in order for you to get credit for the offers that you complete.

MCR: Manual Credit Request.If you complete an offer and it doesn't credit you can file an MCR to the freebie site and they will investigate it further and see if they can get the offer credited by the affiliates some offers don't allow MCRs to be filed but it will say on the offer when you are on the freebie sites if they will allow an MCR to be filed for that offer or not.

TOS: Terms of Service, this is where the offers will allow you to see what exactly it is that you are signing up for with them.

Referral Link: A link that is assigned to a particular user by a freebie site so everyone has their own unique user ID to send referrals to a freebie site


Freebies and completing offers is a pretty easy process just make sure you follow the steps above to setup your computer correctly for crediting of the offers you do choose to complete. Once you have greened a site, meaning you have met the offer requirements, you can now decide what gift you want to go after first and start getting, social media friends, poker buddies or college classmates. The list of people you can market to is endless. There are forums set up just for freebies many US based and some UK based. There are people getting gifts and PayPal payments daily from many top notch freebie networks.

Contest and Giveaways

We sponsor many Giveaway Contest, also Twitter and Facebook contest. You can tell your friends about this and they can participate as well. Full details and information can be found in Contests and Promotions.


This is one of  the freebie networks i mainly work with.They are based in the UK and only require one offer to go green and except sign ups from all countries.Unfortunately there are no offers available for India and the Philippines so they can no longer allow sign ups from these countries.FreebieJeebies has fast customer service and ship gifts and payments on the weekends and possibly on Wednesdays.Look below and see for yourself how many and how often people get free gifts payments from FreebieJeebies.

Zip Nada Zilch / All Freebie World

This is the best freebie network I have ever seen. This is a US based freebie network. Best thing is there is a sister network to Zip Nada Zilch called All Freebie World they both have the same owner. You can always count on these networks because they offer guaranteed crediting on all their sites. Customer service is second to no one. PayPal payments ship daily. Prizes and giftcards are shipped promptly but how fast I'm not sure. With Zip Nada Zilch and All Freebie World all I've ever gotten is a lot of PayPal payments. You can't do anything but make money with these great networks.